Clean Room Level AHU



Clean Room Level AHU 潔淨室級 AHU 洁净手术室用空调机严格遵循由本公司和合肥通用机械研究所共同起草的《GB/T 19569-2004洁净手术室用空气调节机组》国家标准,全面符合《医院洁净手术部建设标准》和《GB50333-2002医院洁净手术部建筑技术规范》对洁净手术部的环境控制要求,主要应用于医院手术部的洁净空调系统,同时也适用于医药卫生、生物工程、电子工业、食品饮料、仪器仪表、精密机械、航天航空等对空气温度、湿度、洁净度有严格要求的场所。 The air conditioner for clean operating room strictly follows the national standard "GB/T 19569-2004 Air Conditioning Unit for Clean Operating Room" jointly drafted by our company and Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, and fully complies with "Hospital Clean Operating Department Construction Standards" and "GB50333" -2002 Building Technical Specifications for Clean Operating Department of Hospitals, which is the only normative product for clean operating room air conditioners in China that has passed the product appraisal organized by the State Economic and Trade Commission. It is mainly used in the clean air-conditioning system of the operating department of the hospital, and is also suitable for places with strict requirements on air temperature, humidity and cleanliness, such as medicine and health, bioengineering, electronic industry, food and beverage, instrumentation, precision machinery, aerospace and so on.