Clean Air AHU series



Clean Air AHU 洁净式空调机 本系列产品制冷覆盖范围广,广泛应用于电子工业、生物工程、食品饮料、仪器仪表、精密机械、“药品生产质量管理规范”(GMP)的医药厂家、医疗卫生、航天航空等对空气温度、湿度、洁净度有严格要求的场所 This series of products covers a wide range of refrigeration, and is widely used in electronic industry, bioengineering, food and beverage, instrumentation, precision machinery, pharmaceutical manufacturers of "Good Manufacturing Practice for Pharmaceuticals" (GMP), medical and health care, aerospace, etc. Places with strict requirements on humidity and cleanliness.