Air Cool Modular Chiller



Air-cool Heat pump Chiller(R410A), the size of each unit is 1.1x1.1x2.1m and weight 430kg. it can be delivered by lift in some case. Cool cap. in each unit is 65kW and system expansion can reach 1024 units (66,560kW)with mutual back via Mobus protocol. IPLV of standard unit with inverter can reach 4.5. 風冷熱泵冷水機組(R410A),每台尺寸為1.1x1.1x2.1m,重量430kg。 在某些情況下可以通過電梯運送。 每台冷量65kW系統擴展可達1024台(66,560kW)通過Mobus協議互聯。 帶逆變器的標準機組IPLV可達4.5